Translational Therapeutics Accelerator (TRx)

About TRx

The Translational Therapeutics Accelerator (TRx) is a program designed to leverage Columbia’s proficiency in drug discovery and provide access to funding and industry experts with the goal of advancing novel therapeutics from the lab towards the path of commercialization. The TRx Resource provides education (10‐session boot camp), mentorship (drug development team) and funding (Pilot Award) to help translational researchers reach a point of value inflection. Read the full request for proposals here. Researchers are encouraged to submit their funded research outcomes for publication in academic journals, as usual.


2019-2020 Founders' Spotlights

Student Venture Associate Grace Kim had a chance to virtually sit down with TRx cohort member and Scientific Director of the Harris Wang lab, Kristin Beiswenger. Based on research from the lab of Dr. Wang, the research team are developing a platform technology for an orally delivered programmable gene modulator therapeutic.


Cumulative Success Metrics (ACT & TRx)

  • 5 cycles administered
  • 59 applications received
  • 59 teams admitted to/went through accelerator
  • 28 awards given 
  • Over $1.1M in funding awarded by TRx to teams
  • $66M in funding awarded to teams by external sources