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Funding Opportunity to support the development of Point-of-Care Technologies in Nutrition, Infection, and Cancer for Global Health

The Point-of-Care Technologies for Nutrition, Infection, and Cancer for Global Health (PORTENT) Center is a one-of-a-kind international network of clinical, training, and device development facilities with unique worldwide expertise in point-of-care diagnostics, their application and commercialization. Our clinical core across 4 continents in New York City, Uganda, Ecuador, and India, can help validation of technologies on a broad range of populations, clinical samples, and with a unique set of users.  

The PORTENT Center is unique in that it:

  1. Focuses on primary health care globally
  2. Addresses the needs of the most vulnerable in the US and internationally
  3. Enables a broad range of diagnostic technologies to be validated on a global scale while simultaneously developing expertise and building capacity domestically and internationally
  4. Develops expertise and strengthens capacity worldwide to have the most impact even beyond the center

The PORTENT Center seeks to address the clinical needs expressed above through the development and validation of point-of-care technologies with the key metric of having the potential for the largest global impact. Our clinical scope, covering Nutrition, Infection, and Cancer, is large to allow us to focus on the potential for broad impact.


Lab-to-Market Overview

The Global Health Point-of-Care Diagnostics Accelerator will build on the expertise within the L2M network and will focus on the development of go-to-market strategies for the PORTENT cohort over the 2-day workshop on May 15th and May 16th. The syllabus will follow shortly.

Through education and hands-on mentorship from global health experts, teams will perform a market assessment to determine where the optimal combination of clinical impact and market potential would be for the device. Once the initial target market is determined, the team will continue to utilize a network of experts to design and deliver strategies for (a) manufacturing (local if possible), (b) obtaining local or regional regulatory/governmental clearance, (c) business model and partnership development, and (d) an overall go-to-market strategy.

In addition to mentorship, PORTENT teams will have access to recordings from the Life Sciences Lab-to-Market Bootcamp, which provides training in product development, customer discovery, regulatory and reimbursement models and development of a go-to-market strategy. 

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Michelle Lee

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