Columbia-SDP Oncology Research Alliance


Columbia University is pleased to announce the Columbia - SDP Oncology Research Alliance. This collaboration stimulates research and development in the field of oncology through collaborative, Columbia investigator initiated projects.

Questions? Please read FAQs below and/or reach out to the Columbia Alliance Manager, Sam Galindo at [email protected]


This strategic research alliance is a collaboration between Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Oncology (SDP Oncology) f/k/a Boston Biomedical, Inc., and Columbia University, to advance research toward the development of disruptive technology platforms, novel science, and IND ready molecule(s) in the field of oncology. The collaboration will provide funding to accepted research proposals.

Applicants must have a full-time Columbia University faculty appointment. In order to be eligible to enter the Columbia-SDP Oncology collaboration, projects must not have contractual encumbrances from other industry partners. If you have any questions about project eligibility, please reach out to the Columbia Alliance Manger.

SDP Oncology may provide up to $10 million in funding over 5 years. The collaboration, on  a case-by-case basis, is willing to provide enough funding to move a project to the IND stage, ideally within 5 years. SDP Oncology has not specifically stated how much funding will be allocated to each project so we suggest including a realistic budget to reach significant milestones in a 12-month time period.

Accepted proposals enter into a research agreement with SDP Oncology which outlines the research plan/deliverables, milestones, payment schedule, term, publication rights, IP rights, and confidentiality requirements. Research teams will submit quarterly progress reports and meet quarterly with SDP Oncology. 

The collaboration is led by a Steering Committee (SC) comprising members from Columbia and SDP Oncology. In addition, Columbia and SDP Oncology both have Alliance Managers to manage RFP and project administration.


Specific areas of interest will be announced closer to the Spring 2021 RFP, but may include: immune-oncology, gene and cell therapy, DNA vaccines, immunotherapy, metabolic, microbiome, RNAi and oncolytic viruses, drug delivery systems, gene editing systems, mechanisms of anti-aging therapy, organ-on-a-chip, imaging and personal-omics, in the field of oncology.

There are no specific requirements for project readiness.

Project selection occurs through two stages:

Stage 1: Non-confidential short proposals are submitted to Columbia and reviewed to ensure there are no contractual, legal, IP, or other encumbrances. SDP Oncology will then review the short proposals and make a recommendation as to which short proposals should be selected for the development of a detailed Full Proposal.

Stage 2: For selected projects, Full Proposals will be developed by Columbia and SDP Oncology and will contain detailed research protocols, comprehensive budget, defined milestones, and equipment/other resources. SDP Oncology must approve the Full Proposal

Intellectual property (IP) ownership will be dictated by inventorship. SDP Oncology will have an option to license background IP covered by the research project and new IP that arises from the collaboration. The specific terms of these license agreements are negotiated for each project.

For the short proposal, we encourage Investigators to include defined milestones and a budgeted plan for the first year, including direct and indirect costs.

Investigators have the ability to publish and publicly disclose results from the collaboration. However, the materials to be disclosed (e.g. manuscript, abstract, poster) must be provided to SDP Oncology at least 30 days before disclosure to allow for a review of confidentiality and patentable IP.

Yes. Results from the collaboration can generally be included in non-profit and government entity grant applications provided the grant applications do not require the conveyance of IP rights.  However, the materials to be disclosed must be provided to SDP Oncology at least 30 days before disclosure to allow for a review of confidentiality and patentable IP.

About Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Oncology

Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Oncology, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Co., Ltd. As a global oncology organization with teams in the U.S. and Japan, SDP Oncology is relentlessly committed to advancing purposeful science by transforming new discoveries into meaningful treatments for patients with cancer. The company's robust and diverse pipeline of preclinical and advanced-stage assets spans multiple areas, including oncogenic pathways, survival mechanisms and novel protein interactions, which aim to address unmet clinical needs in oncology.

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