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Each Lab-to-Market program is incredibly fortunate to engage top mentors and advisers from across the entrepreneurial ecosystem. From guidance on customer acquisition and scaling to preparation for investor interactions, mentors provide crucial feedback at every step of the entrepreneurial journey. If you are interested in getting involved as a mentors, please fill out the quick (5 minute) questionnaire by clicking the button below. 

L2M Student Venture Associate Program

The L2M Student Venture Associate Program offers a unique opportunity for Columbia University and Barnard College students to gain in-depth experience with university technology commercialization and entrepreneurship efforts.

The Associates will have an opportunity to work closely with a) L2M team, b) accelerator administrator teams, as well as c) individual startup teams that are part of accelerator cohorts. They will provide operational, marketing, and strategic support to L2M and its teams, including customer discovery, product-market fit, value proposition research, market research, pitch deck editing, and other L2M-related projects and activities as needed.

Associates will work approximately ten hours a week and will be receive a stipend for their work.