Biomedical Engineering Technology Accelerator (BiomedX)

The Biomedical Engineering Technology Accelerator aims to catalyze the advancement of biomedical technologies by providing funding, education, resources and mentorship to interdisciplinary teams of clinicians, engineers, scientists and students working to develop solutions to clinical unmet needs, with the ultimate goal of bringing innovative research out of the lab to benefit society. Project support is expected to serve as a bridge to commercial investment, with awards granted to perform specific tasks needed to validate a commercial hypothesis (vs. a scientific hypothesis). Award recipients are encouraged to submit their funded research outcomes for publication in academic journals, as usual.


Cumulative Success Metrics

  • 8 cycles administered
  • 153 applications received
  • 133 teams accepted
  • 53 teams that received funding
  • Over $4M in funding awarded by BiomedX to teams
  • $72M in follow-on funding awarded to teams by external sources