Cyber NYC Inventors to Founders

Cyber NYC, a $100M public-private partnership led by the New York City Economic Development Corporation, connects cyber investors and innovators to New York City’s robust university ecosystem with the goal of catalyzing the next generation of cyber startups. The Inventors to Founders (I2F) Initiative is designed to launch new cybersecurity startups sourced from dorm rooms and research labs at premier academic institutions.

Launched in Summer 2019, I2F is an early stage startup accelerator and talent network for NYC cybersecurity startups. I2F is developing targeted programs and funding structures to catalyze the commercialization of cutting-edge research and development of academia-affiliated startups in New York’s cyber security ecosystem.  A joint venture between Columbia University and the New York City Economic Development corporation, the I2F program is the early-stage launchpad for the Cyber NYC’s $100M initiative.

There are two components to the I2F Initiative:

1. A “pre-seed” startup accelerator

Our first-of-its kind accelerator connects pre-seed cyber startups in NYC with capital, talent and the expansive networks of 4 world-class universities (Columbia, Cornell Tech, NYU and CUNY) and the New York City Economic Development Corporation.  NYC university-affiliated startups accepted into our accelerator will receive non-dilutive and dilutive capital, mentorship, deep university support, and access to growth opportunities within the city’s cyber ecosystem.  All early stage startups are encouraged to apply, even if they are in the company formation stage and do not have an incorporated entity yet. This program is open to all students, faculty, and alumni from NYC accredited academic institutions. University research teams are encouraged to submit their funded research outcomes for publication in academic journals, as usual. 

2. A talent matching platform

We connect technologists coming out of university settings with c-level operators who can transform raw intellectual property and early-stage ventures into scalable, venture backed startups. We connect technologists with mentors, operators and c-suite talent and even offer significant grants to successful talent matches.

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2020 Cohort Teams

BrainCeek provides work simulations for students to try out different jobs and for corporations to widen applicant funnels and find top candidates. Their early markets are cyber security and data science.

Egalito performs efficient transformation of binary software to provide on-demand security hardening, profiling, and customization to developers and companies.

FeatherDocs automates the manual aspects of document and knowledge management to make it simple, powerful and more secure. 

Hacware is an autonomous anti-phishing company that leverages open-source data, NLP, and data science technology to identify risky behavior, automate sophisticated phishing campaigns, and provide personalized training at scale.

Midoor is a vault-less agent-less PAM with a key advantage over existing solutions - providing just-in-time privileged sessions while denying them access to data.

Mody Data protects insurance carriers from insurance fraud as they go digital and the pace of fraud rapidly increases.

NC-Hash empowers victims to prevent the spread of non-consensual images on social media.

Next Peak is developing a suite of cyber security services and a data analytic advantage SaaS product for commercial markets.

Cyber NYC 1-Pager

Accelerator Eligibility

Early stage cyber security technologists and founders represented by undergraduate and graduate students, faculty members, researchers and alumni of all New York based academic institutions are encouraged to apply.  At least one co-founder must have a current or alumni affiliation to a NYC academic institution.


The initiative is spearheaded by the New York City Economic Development Corporation and is a collaborative effort with multiple partners, including Jerusalem Venture Partners, Facebook, SOSA, Goldman Sachs, NYU, CUNY, Cornell Tech, Fullstack Academy and many more.

Are you an undergraduate or graduate student at Columbia, Barnard, Cornell Tech, NYU or CUNY?

Student Associate Program

We created a paid internship program for students (undergrad and graduate) to work on our Cyber NYC I2F team during the fall and spring semesters.  Students will do due diligence helping us select the cohort in the fall and then work with our accelerator team and cohort startups in the spring.  The experience will be a mix of a venture capitalist associate, accelerator employee and early-stage startup team member.

Learn more and apply here to become an I2F Student Venture Associate.