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Applications for Materialize New York are closed. To learn more about the program, please email Sherry Bermeo at [email protected].

Material Impact (MI) is partnering with Columbia Technology Ventures and the Lab-to-Market Accelerator Network to advance development of novel technologies in the New York City area through a one-of-a-kind innovation accelerator: Materialize New York

Selected applicants will be invited to attend a Materialize New York Boot Camp consisting of interactive, hybrid learning sessions and office hours. All Boot Camp sessions, unless otherwise noted, will take place on Wednesdays at 12-1:30 PM between Jan – May 2024

Participants will work alongside the MI team to de-risk their innovation from a business perspective (customer identification, product-market fit, market size, feasible milestones, etc). In collaboration with Columbia Business School, selected Venture Fellows (MBA or Executive MBA students) will also work alongside participating teams during the Boot Camp and serve as an additional resource. The aim of the program is to prepare the teams for their startup journey by putting together the building blocks of a strong foundation and leading to the creation of a startup pitch deck. Further requirements and format details for the startup pitch and other assignments will be provided once the Boot Camp has begun.

The goal of this accelerator is to move technologies from the academic lab towards start-up formation with MI's guidance and commitment towards human impact. At the conclusion of the program, select team(s) will receive a seed investment from Material Impact towards the creation and launch of their start-up. MI will receive pre-determined rights in any start-up selected for seed investment. A copy of the terms required by Material Impact will be shared with program applicants and awardees upon request. Please direct any inquiries regarding the terms directly to Material Impact at [email protected].

Program Details

Deep technology innovations with a strong competitive advantage geared towards addressing large enduring needs in areas, including but not limited to: 

Special consideration will be given for projects that apply a novel material or technique to these issues. Please note that therapeutics and pure software are not in scope.



  1. Must have Intellectual Property from the respective university.  

  2. A team ready to spin out at the end of the program and led by entrepreneurially minded graduate students, postdocs, or undergraduate students with permission from the PI.   

  3. A proposed startup aligned with at least one of Material Impact’s areas of interest listed above

At the conclusion of the program, select team(s) will receive a seed investment from Material Impact towards the creation and launch of their start-up based on the program’s pre-agreed terms. 

Proposed projects will be reviewed by your respective tech transfer office to determine eligibility and then reviewed by Material Impact to determine fit within the field/area of interest. Each application will be judged based on translational and commercialization potential, scientific and technical merit, and feasibility. 

In collaboration with the Columbia Business School, we are seeking outstanding Materialize NY Venture Fellows to work alongside Boot Camp teams to de-risk their innovation from a business perspective (customer identification, product-market fit, market size, feasible milestones, etc). Some responsibilities of the Venture Fellow include shadowing teams, participating in group discussions, ideating pitch deck content, recording notes for MI instructors, and organizing bi-weekly 1:1 office hours for teams. This is an unpaid opportunity for Venture Fellows to work closely with a hands-on venture capital firm on a high-profile initiative, directly support scientific teams in launching their startup, and gain exposure to the larger deep tech ecosystem.

The application will be non-confidential; we encourage you to discuss the application and project with your technology licensing officer prior to applying. If you do not have a licensing officer, please reach out to your respective academic institution's technology transfer office.

MI is a premier, hands-on venture fund that builds deep tech companies powered by material-based approaches. It strives to solve meaningful engineering challenges in the areas of Sustainability, Data Storage, Robotics & AI/AR, Food & Water, Transportation & Mobility, and Underrepresented Healthcare. MI recognizes the importance of providing a supportive ecosystem and takes an active role in helping founders reach commercial success.

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Sherry Bermeo

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